Summertime Blues


Summer is a state of mind, it is made up of warm and enveloping shades, of saturated tones and pastel colors; I chase it intensely for nine months and, when it comes, I let myself be overwhelmed. "Summertime Blues" is a visual memories collection of my last summers, born from a recovery period after long winters that have put us to the test, born from barren and sunburnt landscapes, from tanned skin and clear cloudless skies, in the warm summer light where time expands and rhythms slow down. It''s the moment of stillness and of living slowly. This feeling of placid euphoria always turns into a kind of melancholy and discomfort when this chapter ends. The images I have collected speak for themselves: lonely characters scanning the horizon, the colors become darken, the sea becomes nostalgic and the cities on the coast becomes depopulated. It''s a somewhat melancholy eulogy of the magic and beauty of the summer now over, with the bitter awareness that "There ain't no cure for the summertime blues".
Special thanks to: SelfSelf Books
  • Format: 165 x 235 mm
  • Pages: 92
  • Paper: Cyclus 300 cover - inside Zeta wove white gr. 120
  • Italian language
  • Paperback: milled
  • Printing: digital 4 + 4
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